Skrillex Title Card
Nathan Provost as Skrillex
Character information
Birth name Sonny John Moore
Born January 15, 1988 (aged 27)
Physical description
Hair Black
Based on
Original Skrillex
Rap battle information
Appeared in 2
Vs Mozart
Release date January 6, 2013
Location(s) Ink on Title
Cameo appearance



Cameo information
Appeared in 16 (Nathan vs Justin)
During Justin's first verse. Later, Nathan's first verse
My name is Skrillex
— Skrillex in Mozart vs Skrillex

Skrillex battled Mozart in Mozart vs Skrillex. Later, he appeared in Nathan vs Justin as cameo. He was portrayed by Nathan Provost on both occasions.

Information of the RapperEdit

Sonny John Moore, better known by his stage name Skrillex, is an American electronic musician and singer-songwriter.


Season 1:Edit

Season 2:Edit


Verse 1:Edit

*evil laugh*

You think your a better composer?

More like a Beethoven poser

Better get off your lazy ass

and stop making music with a toaster!

My name is Skrillex.

Don't forget.

You bitch, You're just an animal that can't make music worth shit Take that ink pen and feather and shove them in your dick. Because you can't compose

Or get any hoes.

I got plenty of cash to give

So suck my big load. You think your little instruments can take me for a stand?

I will break into your home, smash and kidnap Constanze.

Oh, I'm sorry, by policy, I can't get with a man.

Millions are at my concerts, have fun with only one fan

Verse 2:Edit

With a Wub Wub here and a Wub Wub there.

My Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, will chase you outta my lair

You think a 18th century faggot could take on the

*ECHO* "All mighty Skrillex!!!!"

I'll sit with all my money in the studio, have fun playing with stones and sticks


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