The Beatles
The Beatles
The Beatles in ERBP 45
Character information
Birth name John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
Nickname(s) The Beatles
Born c. 1960
Died c. 1970
Physical description
Hair Brown (John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr)
Black (Paul McCartney)
Eyes Brown (John Lennon, George Harrison)
Black (Paul McCartney)
Blue (Ringo Starr)
Based on
Real Beatles
Rap battle information
Appeared in 45
Vs One Direction
Release date June 22, 2014
Location(s) Abbey Road
The Beatles blew your bodies in all directions!
— The Beatles in The Beatles vs One Direction

The Beatles is the British group band battled One Direction in The Beatles vs One Direction. They are portrayed by Nathan Provost, Justin Buckner, Anthony Pery, and Frenzy. John Lennon are voiced by MaNCHA, Ringo Starr are voiced by Justin Buckner, and George Harrison are voiced by RLYoshi.

Information of the RapperEdit

The Beatles were an English rock band that formed in Liverpool in 1960. With members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they became widely regarded as the greatest and most influential act of the rock era.



Verse 1 (Paul McCartney):Edit

I'm gonna kick you with my brown shoes, I've got nothing to prove,

This boy band is gonna lose, since their only fans are girls in their youth.

You gotta choose, fool, give up or maybe try to improve,

You think you're the big hit news, when you literally copy our moves.

On the fame mountain we're still climbing, while you're horrible at rhyming,

Harry, I will devour you like a lion, better call Big Papa Simon!

Your horrible songs keep me up at night, your lyrics suck, as usual.

There's One Thing I gotta say, these butt-buddies aren't beautiful!

If John would write a song about you all, it would be called 5 virgins,

We're the greatest, while you're the gay Backstreet Boys version.

It's in our name, we'll Beat you, since our skill is so lethal.

You're walking towards the direction of being killed by The Beatles!

Verse 2 (The Beatles}:Edit

[Note: Paul are Blue, John are Silver, George are Sand color, and Ringo are Purple]

Well these kids are steppin' up to us, we made the rock era are bitch!

You're basically any other boyband, well, plus a terrorist.

While we're The Beatles, so great we have stuff nobody has.

We got the most known covers, and we're the best in kicking ass!

I'm Paul MC Cartney, we're known for the most hits.

You're known for getting eight year olds and sucking British dick.

Your little things will never slip up any girl on their will.

Baby, you can drive my car, we'll drive you to a standstill.

We're spitting hot on this vinyl, you've reached out fame? Our's has tripled.

No wonder Taylor Swift left Harry to cry, he has four goddamn nipples!

Your dads didn't use protection, now The Beatles are infesting.

Rest in pieces 'cause The Beatles blew your bodies in all directions!


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